How Plastic Surgery Practices Are Winning With Chatbots

Tom La Vecchia
3 min readMar 22, 2021


To be successful in any industry, one needs to embrace innovation. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Philip Miller has made a name for himself in the world of aesthetics as a renowned facial plastic surgeon. He’s been celebrated for his ability to approach existing products or processes in new ways, even going as far as sketching, designing and 3D-printing his own surgical tool prototype.

Now, he’s entered a new field of business as the founder of PlacerTech. Dr. Miller has set his sights on improving the future of medical communication between plastic surgeons and their patients through his AesthetiSuite by PlacerTech platform. As it stands, Dr. Miller has managed to make waves with the creation of three unique AesthetiSuite communication innovations, most notably a chatbot, that all aim to better patient and practice interactions.

Improving the Aesthetics Industry with AI

In addition to envisioning and later developing a custom stainless-steel surgical tool, Dr. Miller has gone on to improve the aesthetics industry in more ways than one. In 2004, he built out his own version of an operating room with electronic medical records, IP cameras and voice-to-text dictation. He’s now taken this kinship between the tech and aesthetic space one step further. is an AI-powered chatbot specific to the aesthetics industry, with over 10,000 custom procedural responses created by a medical team/Dr Miller. At any given time, can provide tens of thousands of answers to common plastic surgery questions. This bot can also be customized to each individual aesthetic practice’s name, location, hours and tone of voice.

“I wanted to build an artificial intelligence specific to the aesthetic industry that would be able to answer, in a very detailed fashion, questions from patients or prospects,” Dr. Miller explained. “I thought if I train it right, it’ll be indistinguishable from a human.” Although fielding FAQs was the original goal, Dr. Miller and other fellow adopters of have seen success in its ability to generate leads. in Real Life

Through data that’s been collected by and later analyzed by AesthetiSuite, one use case resulted in a yield of 97 new leads in a two-week period — a lead being defined as effectively collecting a prospect’s name and their contact information. Since then, they’ve averaged about 40 new leads per week. A similar aesthetics practice was found to average about 45 leads per week and 12 chatbot engagements per day.

While perhaps an anomaly, one plastic surgeon with especially high website traffic was able to bring in approximately 150 leads per week using Positive bot performance such as this also comes with perks. For example, a practice with 30 leads per week coming from two separate websites combined experienced a revenue increase of roughly $80,000, in addition to a lead generation increase of 16.3% in just five months.

A Success Story’s success extends beyond just monetary measurements. Dr. Miller also intended for his AI chatbot to significantly cut down the busywork for actual human members of the practice and to alleviate potential burnout. He estimates that 90% of incoming inquires are FAQs and that can save coordinators up to 15 hours a month or 180 hours a year if they allow the chatbot to answer these questions, handle bookings, fulfill refill requests and more.

Considering how useful and largely popular has come to be in the aesthetics industry, AesthetiSuite launched two additional products that are at the forefront of modern medical communication tools. The Reminder System uses text messaging to send detailed pre and post-op instructions straight to the patient’s phone, while The Notification System ensures that caregivers are kept in the loop on the patient’s status during surgery. Through The Notification System, text messages are sent out to caregivers with timely updates such as, “The surgery is going well. Patient is stable.”

If Dr. Miller’s AesthetiSuite continues on this path of using cutting-edge technology to improve patient care, it’s safe to say that the aesthetics industry as a whole will remain at the forefront of innovation.



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